Mobogenie Download For PC Windows 10, 8, 7 Free

Mobogenie Download/ Mobogenie for PC windows: Mobogenie offers us a practical and simple way to manage our smartphone from our computer. Mobogenie is the Android app that we need to install on our phone to be able to use the Windows client and establish a perfect communication between our PC and mobile device.

So you download Mobogenie, connect your Android device using a USB cable and enable the USB debugging mode. The software will detect the device and it is set for syncing. At the same your device also gets charged via the USB but the company claims that it is getting supercharged. What this means? Well as per Mobogenie, during this time your smartphone is getting charged at a faster pace.

Mobogenie Download For PC Windows 10, 8, 7 Freemobogenie

Steps to download Mobogenie on your PC

1. Open on your browser.

2. Scroll down the page and find Mobogenie Download Options.

3. Click on “Download Now”.

4. Once the download process is complete, you can check for “Mobogenie Setup File” in your download folder.

5. Click on the Setup File and follow the installation instructions.

6. Mobogenie is ready to use now.

User interface

It sports a user-friendly interface that is fluid and easy to navigate. On the homescreen, you will find the relevant options under “Tools you may like” and “Mobile phone management”. Under the former, you will find options to manage SD card, take backup, restore and install apk; while under the latter you will find the options that will help you manage your contacts, SMS, apps, music, pictures and videos. At the bottom of the screen, you will find horizontal bars that will provide you the storage details. It will show you the amount of space in use on the internal storage as well as on the SD card. It has coloured markers to indicate the space occupied by apps, videos, music, pictures, etc. At the top, you will find additional options like showcase, apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and YouTube.

What does it offer?

1. Applications: So you can download and update applications directly from the suite. It helps a ton when you have high-speed internet on your computer but 2G connectivity on your mobile device. And yes, you can download only ‘free’ applications.

2. Ringtones: Just when you thought ringtones didn’t matter, this application reminds you of their existence and umm… potential. Yes, you can finally have minions go BANANAAAANANANA on your phone in the matter of a click. In addition to downloading these, the software also lets you set them as a ringtone/alarm/notification alert directly from the suite.

3. Wallpapers: Most of the world had moved past that trend. But well, if you still want that photograph of Ranbir Kapoor to be there on your phone, here is an easy way out.

4. YouTube: There is an in built YouTube downloader in the software. When you hit the YouTube tab, you get to search, browse and find the video that you wish to download. Once you have the one you were looking for, just hit on download. You are prompted to choose the format you want to download in and once you have chosen the same, you are good to go.

5. Manage Contacts, SMS, Music, Pictures and Videos: So you can manage your contacts. But with a hell lot of lag. You might just rather bump up the same using Google Contacts. SMS – Yes, that is handy. But is a functionality by a lot of other (better) software options. Music, Pictures and Videos – There is a lot of lag on this end as well. My device had over 5,000 images and trying to view the same crashed the application over and over again.

6. Backup/Restore: One of the features that acts as the saving grace in this constantly changing world of Android is the Backup and restore option. While most of the manufacturers have come up with their own variants for the same, any mobile management suite is incomplete without the feature. Contacts, Messages, Applications, Music, Images and Videos is what it backs up. Phone Settings, App settings (including your WhatsApp chat history) isn’t something that it backs up. The software fails to backup a phone with around 18GB of content in time span of two hours.

7. Adding to all these, there are upcoming features as well – these are Import Outlook Contacts, a File Manager and Importing Symbian contacts. These can come handy for people who are looking for the same, but then we do have other applications.

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What is missing?

The software does not make any breakthroughs as far as PC Managers for Android devices are concerned. You still cannot update the OS of the phone. Such features are usually there only in the manufacturer’s original PC suites. Moving on, speed is what is missing. If majority of my file transfer takes ages on the software, I will certainly find a copy-paste using the file explorer more tempting.

Who should use it?

If you have a lot of time in your hand and are enthusiastic about free deliverables including applications, ringtones and wallpapers, this software might be meant for you. Adding to that, if downloading/updating heavy games and apps takes ages on your mobile device, this app might help serve that purpose as well

Who should ignore it?

In case majority of your contact exists on the cloud, there is not much the device can offer. The free deliverables don’t matter to you but time is a precious commodity. Internet speed and access is never a problem on your mobile device and all your downloads/updates take place like a breeze. If you fit in the criteria mentioned above, it is strongly advised that you stay away from the software.

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